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    We Want You! Write For TuneN2IM!


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    We Want You! Write For TuneN2IM! Empty We Want You! Write For TuneN2IM!

    Post  Admin on Sun Sep 27, 2009 4:29 pm

    TuneN2IM means Tune into International Music

    Anyway, to the point of this article. Before TuneN2IM started, I know I wanted to write articles for blogs, eventually wanting to do a forum, and stuff. I know some members on the TuneN2IM team felt that way, too (I think, lol. At least somewhere along those lines I mentioned, lol.). But, the blogs and forum I go to, they wanted specific stuff. So, TuneN2IM was created. Also, I asked a few people to join the TuneN2IM team for various of reasons.

    Now where do you come in?

    I mentioned the above because I think there are people out there that would like to create blogs, forums, and things like that, but they haven’t. It could be for a variety of reasons, maybe you don’t know where to begin. Maybe you don’t have the time. I don’t know. So, TuneN2IM is introducing something new on our main site. And, that is guest writers.

    Here is your chance! We aren’t asking you to be part of the TuneN2IM team (Unless, you end up submitting articles regularly, and we decide and ask you to be part of the team.). This is for whenever you want to write a cd review for a music artist and/or group. This is for whenever you want to rant and rave about a music artist and/or group. This is for whenever you want to introduce people to a music artist and/or group. This is for whenever you want to write anything music related.

    If, you write for us one time, that does not mean we expect you to write for now on, on our main site. This is whenever you in the mood to write an article on something music related, we are giving you the chance to do that whenever you want.

    But, this is not for bashing anybody. You may state your opinions, but don’t be hateful. Also, if you are stating facts from somewhere on the internet or using a picture from the internet, please credit.

    This is also for anyone who is doing anything related to music. Do you or all of you (group) sing, rap, make beats, mash-up, dance, or whatever it is to music? Well, you can write an article to promote you or your group. (Note: We have interview questions that you can use to help you write your article to promote yourself on our main site. If, you want to use those questions, just ask for it in email.)

    Okay, if you are interested, in writing an article for TuneN2IM, on our main site, then you need to send the article to our email, TuneN2IM@yahoo.com.

    The only two things that we ask is that you include a picture about whatever music related thing you are talking about in your article. Also, to include- Article written by (Your Name)(Just your first name.).

    So, if your article is approved. After, we put it on our main site, we will email you back to let it know it was approved, and is up on our main site.

    -Coco (Creator of TuneN2IM.)

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